Signing Smart with Children in Group Settings
More and more childcare professionals are discovering the magic of using ASL signs and Signing Smart strategies with hearing infants, toddlers, and even preschoolers. Signing Smart helps teachers more effectively meet the needs of the children in their care, facilitates long-term learning, and builds stronger bonds in the process.

Let Signing Smart set your infant/toddler or preschool programs apart!
Learn how to easily incorporate this powerful communication and learning tool into your classroom or center.
Develop a skill that more and more parents are seeking.
Be on the competitive edge and offer something that sets your program apart from other schools / centers in your area!

Signing Smart in a group setting:
Workshops can be arranged at your facility or school. Please see Locations to find an instructor near you.

Click here find out more about our Workshops for Childcare Professionals or Preschool Teachers.

Hear what other teachers and childcare professionals are saying about Signing Smart in their centers.

No Signing Smart instructors in your area? Find out more about becoming an Instructor yourself! Or take a look at our materials -- they make integrating Signing Smart into your classroom or center a snap! Don't forget, even if there are no Signing Smart workshops specifically aimed at childcare professionals in your area, your center will still benefit from the information contained in the workshop for parents. Consult with your local Signing Smart Instructor for more information.